Rescue Cat 1 year on

Well we have had Mr Darcy for over a year now. He has well settled in and has stopped attacking me. I am sure he had been mistreated by a female as he never went for my husband in the same way.

He has even sat by me on the settee but really only a couple of times. You know what cats are like…buy them a cat bed and they decide not to sleep in it. This one decides to sleep somewhere for a couple of weeks and then moves on to somewhere else.

Rocking chair in dining room

During the very hot summer….well the bath is the chosen place. It was so hot I felt like throwing him out and sleeping there myself 😄

He will never be a lap cat. He likes a fuss but on his own terms and only if you go to him he doesn’t come to me. I just have to watch his tail…when it starts up he’s had enough.

He is definitely a creature of habit…more about that later.

He’s just been asking for his supper and then off to bed…normally about 7.30….but not for the whole night 😄

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