Further Air Frying

Well I decided I would try out some new things and be brave. Following on from looking at the Facebook group and some things they put on there including the recipe, I made some cheese scones. Had to adapt slightly to make them glutenfree. The recipe was also in American measures so just got the gist of it and the comparative measurement of the ingredients and did what I thought in pounds and ounces.

I was quite happy with how they turned out but he ate the whole lot in just over a day!!!

The next recipe/experiment looked disastrous but tasted so nice. I might do again but will definitely has to alter the cooking times and temperature.

Oh I forgot to say what they were….peanut butter cookies. I did some potato slices but OH didn’t really like them as he prefers crunchy potatoes but I liked them

And finally so far…a toasted cheese sandwich.

So that’s it for now. I think my next adventure will be with a cake. I might bite the bullet in the next couple of days 🙂

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