New Toy

I have a new toy in my kitchen. Well not a toy but an air fryer….a present from my husband on my birthday. I already had a small basket one but only ever made chips and baked potatoes in its. OK so here it is 😄

As you can see it doesn’t have a basket.

It has shelved. So I can cook a complete meal on there. Was a bit frightened of it at first as it is a digital one not just one where you have dials to turn like my other one. So my first attempt was just to cook some frozen chips and that went OK. The buttons on the digital bit weren’t as bad as I thought. Next up I cooked some frozen battered chicken things on one shelve and some chips on another shelf. Wow my first complete meal cooked.

I joined a lovely Facebook group and got lots of ideas and tips from there. My first big adventure was making a crustless broccoli, tomato and cheese crustless quiche. It turned out fine although will need to tweak the timings next time. I must admit it’s so far been fun.

Of course everything I have done has been glutenfree. I think this is definitely saving me time and money. Won’t have to use the main oven so much and this is cheaper to run. It heats up in just a couple of minutes and cooks I think about 25% faster.

I am trying to do lots of things to save energy as everything is going up so much. More batch cooking for me, using the microwave more are also on my save money list. Must remember to make some more posts about my progress…..oooh and of course the lovely new glutenfree things I have made 😄

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