Allotment May

Well at long last I took my iPad over the allotment to take some pictures. The broad beans as doing well and I think in about 2 weeks I will start picking….beating hopefully the black fly again. As usual will freeze a lot for the rest of the year.

The back of the allotment is full as usual of long grass. My good allotment friend no doubt will strim it for me as she knows I can’t manage. It makes such a difference? It’s so lovely when others help you out. She loves strimming and she loves my glutenfree chocolate chip cookies…so of course I have to return the favour in my way 😄

I have planted carrots, parsnips and beetroot but so far they haven’t had the courage to put theirs first little leaves out into the cold

Feeling hopeful so have put the hoops in ready to cover the carrots when they appear.

The good new is the strawberries are certainly getting into flower.

Going to be putting straw between them shortly. Another allotment friend is getting straw and sharing it with me. As usual won’t net over. I hope the strawberry eating squirrel won’t appear this year. I wouldn’t have believed a squirrel would eat the strawberries until I caught him in the act last year 😄

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1 Response to Allotment May

  1. kaye steeper says:

    ho hum ive been down to the very bottom of the garden to talk to the bullocks who stare over the barbed wire this morning , broad beans are at about the same stage , not a lot else going on a few peeping spuds and lettuce and radish about ready


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